Nov. 24, 2012 "High rate loan" defined; veterans go after Wells Fargo; Nationstar expands in CA; more bank & credit union mergers
Nov. 23, 2012 Former LPS exec - 1 million fraudulent documents? More on auditors; explanation of Europe; new golf rules
Nov. 21, 2012 Lacker's critique of Fed policy; CFPB's annual report; bank auditors are people too!
Nov. 20, 2012 FAMC jobs; Freddie tweaks Relief Refi program; collection of company and builder business Q&A tidbits
Nov. 19, 2012 Mortgage jobs; CFPB postpones one January deadline; FHA change to impact FHA refi biz - ouch!
Nov. 17, 2012 FAQ for Fannie underwriting; underwriting's impact on loan officer & company efficiency; classic Thanksgiving joke
Nov. 16, 2012 Mortgage jobs; Bernanke on underwriting; post office & FHA both bleeding red ink; MBA Future Leaders
Nov. 15, 2012 MI deduction thoughts; FHA - running out of money? Buffett buys more Wells; who takes the hit on writedowns?
Nov. 14, 2012 Mortgage jobs; the Black Friday myths; slice & dice the latest Redwood jumbo deal; Raj Date & DeMarco chatter
Nov. 13, 2012 Mortgage jobs & company opportunities; AIG eyes residential lending; big banks have 2nd chance at passing stress tests
Nov. 12, 2012 Nationstar jobs; PHH, MGIC, PennyMac news; Prospect enters correspondent; input on steering & LO comp
Nov. 10, 2012 Dodd Frank comp & steering question; quick thoughts on rate predictions; some disaster investor updates
Nov. 9, 2012 Flood bill primer; cash out refi trends; Fairway Independent & ValueQuest do good
Nov. 8, 2012 Fannie & Freddie making some coin while Ginnie volumes are huge; lack of inventory to impact Realtor ranks?
Nov. 7, 2012 Election results push rates down; M&A trend rolls on; increased regulations ahead; Ocwen, Nationstar, Zillow stock movements
Nov. 6, 2012 Mortgage jobs across the nation; Zillow buys Mortech; homeowners vs. hazard insurance basics
Nov. 5, 2012 Mortgage jobs at RWT; the cons of brokering out loans; Barron's take on Radian; reverse mortgage lending slows
Nov. 3, 2012 Photos of NY flooding; Housing stats to amaze your friends; lots of lender updates; church humor
Nov. 2, 2012 Redwood Trust continues growth; National Mortgage Database; Sandy & warehouse banks; do mortgage brokers add value?
Nov. 1, 2012 Realistic thoughts on low producing LO's; BOK & Impac earnings; Chase & MetLife; disasters don't boost economic well-being
Oct. 31, 2012 Update on changes in correspondent lending landscape; stats show very slow return of borrowers that default; FEMA site
Oct. 30, 2012 Mortgage jobs continue; FEMA update & markets closed; bank merger trend persists
Oct. 29, 2012 Primer on how gfees impact mortgage pricing; Fannie & Freddie profits; early close for bond markets due to storm
Oct. 27, 2012 A little history of the FHA to put things in perspective & compare ratio thoughts; political quotes continue
Oct. 26, 2012 Warren Buffett up to his shins in betting on a housing-related recovery; Zillow lists foreclosures
Oct. 24, 2012 Mortgage jobs continue; thoughts on strategic defaults and state-specific foreclosures; mortgage spreads
Oct. 23, 2012 Mortgage jobs; conference buzz; comments on gfees; how to pick a broker-dealer
Oct. 22, 2012 Mortgage jobs; VA lending on the upswing; 2013 pre-forecast forecasts; what conference-goers are talking about
Oct. 20, 2012 CFPB compensation; monitoring those at the closing table; Fannie desk's tips on handling gfee changes
Oct. 19, 2012 Why have mortgage rates gone up? Fiscal cliff break down; CFPB still looking to hire
Oct. 18, 2012 Bank earnings are solid; gfee chatter - who's buying "dem" mortgages? And what are they buying?
Oct. 17, 2012 Mortgage jobs continue; credit unions' view of CFPB's APR; Redwood's latest deal; what is the average gfee now?
Oct. 16, 2012 Mortgage jobs with a twist; Wells Fargo addresses "illegal" income; forced place insurance defined
Oct. 15, 2012 Mortgage jobs; how Wells & Chase results reflect overall mortgage trends - Citi video; Basel III to be delayed?
Oct. 13, 2012 The current state of underwriting and documentation guidelines - tales from the crypt; punny Halloween tale
Oct. 12, 2012 Eminent domain still out there; Wells & Chase earnings; investor & agency updates continue; college football humor
Oct. 11, 2012 Mortgage jobs; H&R Block bank on the block due to Dodd Frank; Fitch doesn't like Ocwen deal; a classic joke
Oct. 10, 2012 Wells' lobbying & lawsuit; M&A and layoffs continue in the name of efficiency; U.S. debt levels declining
Oct. 9, 2012 Loan limit primer; lessons on Basel III, Ocwen debt ratings, book values, and mortgage company ratings & profits
Oct. 8, 2012 The Fiscal Cliff & home values; Ocwen to start lending? Training news; bond markets closed today
Oct. 6, 2012 Wall Street & underwriting guidelines; are u/w guidelines evolving? investor updates; classic Halloween humor
Oct. 5, 2012 A brave new world in the secondary markets? Non-agency chatter; more M&A in mortgage banking; Flag changes its broker comp
Oct. 4, 2012 Mortgage jobs & a job fair; REIT business booming; Blackstone becomes #1 home buyer; banks making big bucks
Oct. 3, 2012 Mortgage jobs; Flagstar's leadership change; big lawsuits & settlements; private MI news; lock desks busy!
Oct. 2, 2012 Mortgage job in So Cal; Unintended consequences - can home loan rates go to 0%? (Hint: nope)
Oct. 1, 2012 Mortgage UW jobs; CFPB update on credit reporting; NMLS changes for LO's; USDA rural news; non-depositories continue to buy servicing
Sep. 29, 2012 160 agencies offer housing assistance; industry mergers continue; joke/explanation of derivatives
Sep. 28, 2012 ICON Residential sold; LO comp comments due; could Congress let Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act expire?
Sep. 27, 2012 Basel III to help big banks? And a calculation tool to show its impact; Texas Ratio helps LO's think about bank health
Sep. 26, 2012 AllRegs jobs; politics & housing; 3.8% real estate tax myth; lots of processing & origination stats
Sep. 25, 2012 Mortgage jobs; Luther Burbank-DOJ fair lending settlement; Guild's switch on FHA Streamlines; Bernanke joke
Sep. 24, 2012 Mortgage Ops & production jobs; Stearns' anti-steering form for brokers; FHA & condos; mass of servicing rules
Sep. 22, 2012 A note on the role of the broker; input on agency sales caps; lender updates
Sep. 21, 2012 Freddie and Fannie can earn a profit, right? And their double-secret "High Risk" Watch List of 300 lenders
Sep. 20, 2012 Unintended consequences of QE3; letters from the trenches on current lending standards; Fannie to roll out state-based pricing?
Sep. 19, 2012 Dodd Frank rulemaking update; NAR and builders suggest looser lending standards - surprised?
Sep. 18, 2012 Pool of potential borrowers deep; why a company would close a division; Bank of England plan; lots training coming up
Sep. 17, 2012 Mortgage jobs; letters on servicing premiums, prepayments, title scam, and the sacred mortgage interest deduction
Sep. 15, 2012 Subservicer list: a growth business - in servicing what you don't know really can hurt you; lender updates
Sep. 14, 2012 Readers' insightful reactions to Fed move; House passes FHA measure; new warehouse lender or...
Sep. 13, 2012 Reader comments on gfees and sales caps; Freddie buybacks; MERS & Radian in the press; CFPB Advisory Board announced
Sep. 12, 2012 Why the recent gfee increase? Why the annual Fannie sales cap? Will there be more? Link to buyback rep & warrant announcement
Sep. 11, 2012 Redwood's new deal; revamped repurchase plan; thoughts on importance of QC; agency updates
Sep. 10, 2012 Mortgage jobs; new CFPB exam procedure; states & NMLS expansion; do rates correlate directly to production?
Sep. 8, 2012 New g-fees begin to hit market; eminent domain news continues; reader input on mortgage & real estate trends
Sep. 7, 2012 Romney housing plan; USDA community list; thoughts on 4th quarter mortgage profits; appreciation to defeat eminent domain?
Sep. 6, 2012 Business proposition & mortgage jobs; trends in subprime collateral & home ownership; ready for Fannie DU 9.0?
Sep. 5, 2012 Mortgage jobs; servicing value observations; Affiliated pulls DU Refi Plus & lots of M&A and mortgage acquisition news
Sep. 4, 2012 Mortgage jobs; mortgage banker profit figures; g-fee hike implications; credit unions rockin' & rollin'
Sep. 1, 2012 Mortgage jobs open house; mortgage fraud report; what has happened with that supposed massive shadow inventory?
Aug. 31, 2012 Banking & HARP chatter - M&T has to pay how much as part of the Hudson deal? Upcoming training updates
Aug. 30, 2012 Dodd Frank diversity requirements; updates on TARP & shadow inventory
Aug. 29, 2012 Mortgage job; Warren owns how much Wells? Residential apps continue slow down; Ginnie issuance numbers
Aug. 28, 2012 Mortgage LO jobs; eminent domain fade? Thoughts on F&F capping volumes; an informal list of bank exams - holy smokes!
Aug. 27, 2012 Mortgage jobs; thoughts and ramblings on the broker business model & current compensation; Wells' new HARP policy
Aug. 25, 2012 HMDA reports; chatter on Treasury, Freddie, Fannie, and Basel III; investor updates - an alternative to FICO?
Aug. 24, 2012 SAFE Act for depositories & non-depositories; CMG halts the HARP; USDA program - once again - in turmoil
Aug. 23, 2012 CA mortgage jobs; interesting product mix stats - what do they tell us about borrowers, Ops, and future fundings?
Aug. 22, 2012 Fannie & Freddie short sale change; LO-Realtor comments; specified pool primer - how to pick up an extra point or two
Aug. 21, 2012 Mortgage jobs; rating agencies' thoughts on servicing changes; more on Treasury and F&F
Aug. 20, 2012 Mortgage jobs coast to coast; spotlight back on LO comp and potential penalties; why mortgage rates maybe shouldn't be here
Aug. 18, 2012 Week 1 of FinCen - time for a primer & a review of penalties; how to spot counterfeit checks; lender updates
Aug. 17, 2012 Builder market share; CFPB jobs pay how much? eminent domain setback; Treasury to revamp Fannie & Freddie backing? Why rates have risen
Aug. 16, 2012 How many banks were created last year? CFPB and others tackle appraisals - still waiting on QM
Aug. 15, 2012 Chicago eminent domain update; "when" not "if" for buybacks; lots of CFPB servicing proposal info; CFPB's undercover sleuth program hiring
Aug. 14, 2012 Mortgage jobs; production rankings; is eminent domain eminent? Realtor/LO banter; Citi cuts MGIC
Aug. 13, 2012 Mortgage jobs; "Green shoots" in the mortgage biz with a new MI company, vendors, and business plans; builder commitment interest upswing
Aug. 11, 2012 TBW - the gift that keeps on giving; investor updates; low rates aren't everything
Aug. 10, 2012 Basel III comment period extended; CFPB rolls out servicing guideline proposals for comment; LO Realtor thoughts
Aug. 9, 2012 Mortgage jobs; SunTrust sets broker comp; Streamline changes; underwriter finds two-headed armadillo in Austin USDA loan file
Aug. 8, 2012 Mortgage jobs; Wells' buybacks; agency results and the impact of the HARP; how much does NAR spend on lobbying?
Aug. 7, 2012 Mortgage jobs; are closing costs really going down? Historical LIBOR link; lender/industry updates
Aug. 6, 2012 Mortgage jobs; CFPB & the MI biz, audit comments, and discussion group; what Redwood Trust & PennyMac's results show us
Aug. 4, 2012 Banks & lending, or the lack thereof, its impact on rates & inflation; banking M&A news
Aug. 3, 2012 What is the fastest growing commercial sector? MI news, good & bad, runs rampant; BofA & Fannie grapple over $10 billion
Aug. 2, 2012 LOS primer; VA loan changes coming? Appraisers to have comp set in stone? San Bernardino bankrupt
Aug. 1, 2012 Compliance job in So Cal; DeMarco & Geithner grappling; the good, the bad, and the ugly of Freddie's HARP news
Jul. 31, 2012 The CFPB & non-banks; yes, mortgage companies are making money; lots of training, conference, and M&A updates
Jul. 30, 2012 Mortgage job fairs; Texas bank sues the CFPB; Hawaii's new originator laws; Chicago & eminent domain; Libor update
Jul. 28, 2012 Why the industry cares about this eminent domain thing; investor updates
Jul. 27, 2012 How long should you keep a loan file? Government report on appraisals; one take on DOJ/Wells settlement
Jul. 26, 2012 More mortgage jobs; FAMC's broker comp move; want to participate in a compensation survey?
Jul. 25, 2012 Mortgage jobs continue; CFPB publishes year's agenda; new FICO score; watching Kroll Bond Ratings; poverty in the U.S. increasing
Jul. 24, 2012 Mortgage jobs; Realtors & the CFPB; Flagstar & First Horizon diverge; a primer on fiscal versus monetary policy; Spain too big to bale?
Jul. 23, 2012 Mortgage production & secondary jobs; FinCen compliance for lenders coming; more lender & agency updates
Jul. 21, 2012 Size doesn't matter with the CFPB, which issues its first enforcement action; thoughtful letters on current events
Jul. 20, 2012 Security versus rate sheet prices; big bank earnings & layoffs; eminent domain conference call; good joke on communication
Jul. 19, 2012 Yes, Qualified Mortgage rules are a big deal for the lending and real estate industry; lender & vendor updates
Jul. 18, 2012 Broker to banker chatter; letters from the trenches on QM, eminent domain, and QC & compliance
Jul. 17, 2012 Mortgage jobs; more on eminent domain; QM rules a huge concern; ARM's, HARP, and refi rates
Jul. 16, 2012 Eminent domain issue should not be taken lightly; investor & training updates
Jul. 14, 2012 Bastille Day thoughts on Wells, 4th party originations, agency caps, minimum net worth, and counter-party risk
Jul. 13, 2012 The 800 pound gorilla makes a move - who's left for brokers? Chase & Wells earnings
Jul. 12, 2012 Employment trends; ResCap; HARP chatter; agency updates
Jul. 11, 2012 TARP update; FHFA REO news; link to comment on FHFA's PACE loan prohibition; still waiting for buyback clarity
Jul. 10, 2012 Mortgage jobs continue; 1099 pages from the CFPB & links to comment; Mortgage Debt Relief Act expiration
Jul. 9, 2012 Lots of mortgage jobs; one comment period ends today - it's a CFPB world - including non-banks! Blackstone as a landlord
Jul. 7, 2012 Link to Countrywide's VIP report; Texas population growth; M&A and lender updates
Jul. 6, 2012 Barclays & LIBOR & ARM rates; AIG & UG & HARP; our sluggish economy continues
Jul. 5, 2012 Orange alerts on California's laws & eminent domain focus; lender updates & many FHA streamline changes
Jul. 3, 2012 SunTrust jilted; California's law & Basel III will NOT help mortgage pricing; investor updates including agency disaster websites
Jul. 2, 2012 Profit per loan up dramatically - mortgage banks focused on purchase biz; LO's not exempt from OT?
Jun. 30, 2012 Lender/agency/training updates; Credit union originations; Realtors to lenders: "Remember us?"
Jun. 29, 2012 Mortgage IT job; macro tax implications of refinancing; investor updates including Fifth Third's cutting off NY
Jun. 28, 2012 The CFPB & reverse mortgages; It takes time and money to monitor counterparty risk; Colorado firefighter's radio feed
Jun. 27, 2012 First Horizon's buybacks; buyback legal chatter; Basel III and construction loans; Congress snubs small business?
Jun. 26, 2012 Mortgage jobs; FHA Streamlines & The False Claims Act - 3x damages? Conference call on Basel III for small banks
Jun. 25, 2012 Mortgage jobs; Old Republic & foreclosure legality updates; CA Homeowner Bill of Rights nears vote; lots & lots of training & education news
Jun. 23, 2012 Some factors that move mortgage pricing for borrowers, and the language of traders: "Excuse me stewardess, I speak jive."
Jun. 22, 2012 Mortgages in Canada; of course the borrower is paying for higher lending costs - did our gov't think lenders would?
Jun. 21, 2012 Mortgage jobs continue; FHA Streamline investor changes; other lender tweaks to slow/control volume
Jun. 20, 2012 High level & underwriter mortgage jobs continue; clarity on buybacks? MI in the age of HARP
Jun. 19, 2012 CFPB turns to reverse mortgages; banks making too much on HARP? Builders coming back; FHA Streamline investor news
Jun. 18, 2012 Mortgage jobs; PHH joins FHA Streamline movement; FHA purchase program; TBW CFO heading for the slammer
Jun. 16, 2012 A Saturday morning of FHA Streamline, investor, training, agency, conference, and M&A news
Jun. 15, 2012 Student loans pass credit card debt; CFPB observations; origination rankings - look who's #3!
Jun. 14, 2012 Mortgage jobs running production & in secondary; news from Indiana & California; FHA Streamline changes in the blink of an eye
Jun. 13, 2012 Wells' market share target (?) & Streamline change; CFPB's view of mortgage brokers; the MBA & 203(k)'s
Jun. 12, 2012 ResCap & Berkshire; buybacks continue to plague industry; letters from the trenches on appraisals
Jun. 11, 2012 Mortgage jobs; details on the cost to process a loan; NMLS stats; more on reasons & strategies for buybacks; guard those secondary gains
Jun. 10, 2012 Training, M&A news in our business; but mostly lender, agency, and investor updates
Jun. 8, 2012 Mortgage jobs; full speed ahead on Basel III; this lengthy commentary addresses appraisals - lots of good input on the situation
Jun. 7, 2012 Originator HARP chatter, and HARP's impact on refinances; investor/originator updates
Jun. 6, 2012 Details on the Fed Basel III vote tomorrow, how it may impact rate sheets and volumes, and the BofA servicing sale
Jun. 5, 2012 Mortgage U/W jobs; lender/regulatory updates; CMLA White Paper; the struggle to create QM underwriting guidelines
Jun. 4, 2012 Mortgage jobs; the tortilla industry's relation to LO & Realtor comp; thoughts on MBS versus rate sheet prices
Jun. 1, 2012 Fed's vote next week on Basel III will impact rate sheets; Beazer to form rental REIT; weak jobs number pushes rates even lower
May 31, 2012 Mortgage business opportunity; HARP 3.0 musings; what these high MBS prices mean; flood insurance in the news again?
May 30, 2012 Mortgage jobs; MBA revises 2012 volume estimates; QM update; organizations react to CFPB; 10-yr hits 1.68%
May 29, 2012 Supreme Court rules on RESPA case; Denver builder & fraud; what happens with delinquent USDA loans

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